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Here’s the situation:

You’ve got some experience under your belt, and you’re seeing that what you set up for yourself in the beginning isn’t quite right anymore.

You know things need to change, but it’s hard to know what they are and how to change them. You need a strategy that feels just as doable as eating a pint of gelato.

PLUS, where on earth are you going to find the time to make all these things happen on your own?! You’re busy helping your own people!


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Because let’s face it: Your goals go deeper than a profession.

You’re interested in helping people. What you offer matters, and you’re ready for your brand to really reflect that.

You could continue the way you’re going, but you always come back to the people you’ll help by stepping into your full potential.


How can we work together?

You want to lay a foundation for your brand that feels like you and allows you
to attract those dream clients.

You don’t want to have to think about what your brand values are
every time you write for your business.

You need some direction and clarity about how to get to those
huge goals you haven’t told anyone about.

We have a package for you

Click below to learn more about branding and strategy options for your business.

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 Just starting out?

Check out the Brand Shop for pre-made brand identities, strategically made to target your ideal clients based on a few brand adjectives.

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Hi! I’m Katie.

I’m a graphic-designer-turned-brand-strategist who helps small businesses navigate the branding process, giving them the tools they need to tell their brand story with purpose and clarity. I’m a visual storyteller—using science to build brands on foundations of research and business strategy.

My favorite days are spent perusing second-hand shops in foreign cities, doodling elements of my surroundings, and connecting with genuinely kind people. I value honesty, punctuality, trust, and intentionality, and if you do too, I think we’ll get along swimmingly.


What they’re saying…

OH MY GOSH GIRL!! You are amazing! It's like you GET me! The stuff you wrote literally brought me to tears, and then seeing the colors and inspiration just hit me hard. It's so perfect, exactly the tone I've been looking for that I never thought I could fully convey.

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