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Hi! I’m Katie. I’m a graphic-designer-turned-brand-strategist who helps small businesses navigate the branding process, giving them the tools they need to tell their brand story with purpose and clarity. I’m a visual storyteller—using science to build brands on foundations of research and business strategy.

My favorite days are spent perusing second-hand shops in foreign cities, doodling elements of my surroundings, and connecting with genuinely kind people. I value honesty, punctuality, trust, and intentionality, and if you do too, I think we’ll get along swimmingly.

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“Working with Katie was a joy! Thank God I was referred to her because she nailed it! Her pre-consultation questionnaire caused me to really dig deep to get to the core of what I want my business to stand for. It was clear that she really paid attention to everything that I said there because her design options were so good I had a really hard time making my decision!  She is very responsive, which is so important to me. She didn't stop until we had it right. It's been a few months now that I have been using this branding and feels more and more right every day. Give her a chance to blow your mind...she won't disappoint!”

Kelly Gabel
Triple Threat Therapy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s this questionnaire you mention? / How do you gather information about my company?

  • The branding questionnaire dives deep into who you are as a company. We try to flesh out all of the strategy of your business together before we even think about design. Branding isn’t just something you give to someone else to figure out for you. When you choose to work with me, we become a team. We work together to make your ideas reality. We can either fill out the questionnaire together over the phone (I’m always happy to be a sounding board!) or you can work on it yourself and send it to me. We go in depth, so be ready to reflect!

What is the one-concept method?

  • In the past, I would send my clients multiple concepts that could work for their branding, and I had them choose the one they thought fit best. After a while, I realized that my clients didn’t want the burden of making those choices! They always asked me, “I love them all; which one is your favorite?” So I decided to take that step out, and ONLY send the one that works very best.

What if I don’t think the one concept you send is the right fit?

  • I allow 2 rounds of refinement in my branding package. I’m just as committed as you are to getting you branding you love. If you don’t like it, we’ll refine it until it’s exactly what you’re looking for and exactly what will serve YOUR audience.

Why don’t you just design logos?

  • I’m really not interested in just giving you something pretty. That will only get you so far. I want you to have a brand identity and strategy that is something you can come back to and build upon. Only with that kind of foundation can you truly serve your audience.

What is the “consumer validation” part of your process?

  • I create a survey for my clients to send to their peers/advisors/some of their audience. This helps my clients get an idea about how their brand strategy resonates with their target market. The survey is done at the strategy level--for visuals, we don’t have a survey. That part works best when you and I partner together because we know the full brand story.

Are there any extra costs associated with the branding process I should know about?

  • My prices don’t include printing. I am, however, happy to communicate with your printer to make sure I’m sending them the files that they need.

  • My prices also don’t include the cost of website services (Squarespace, the cost of your domain, etc.).

  • If after the contract is signed, you decide you want something that’s not under the project scope, I will charge it at my hourly rate of $50 OR we can decide on another flat rate for the project.

  • My process includes 2 rounds of “refinement” to ensure we get the design just right. Additional rounds of refinement will be charged at my hourly rate.

What can I expect of the BrandHaus Labs branding process?

  • Phase I: Strategy

    • We start off getting into the meat of your brand. Together, we dig into your your business, your audience, your goals, and your purpose. We have a discovery call to get on the same page, you fill out a detailed client questionnaire (and I’m happy to help if you need!), we send out a consumer validation survey, and I develop a brand strategy + moodboard based on your questionnaire answers. I send that over to you in a presentation and you give me feedback.

  • Phase II: Brand Design

    • Based on the meat we’ve discussed in the strategy phase, I start on the looks: creating your logo, secondary logo, brand marks, custom pattern, color scheme, and typography kit. I send it all over to you in a presentation, and we have two rounds of refinement to make sure it’s exactly how you envisioned.

  • Phase III: Collateral Design

    • Once we’ve found the perfect solution for how your brand should look (based on strategy), I get into applying that design to collateral items. The Signature Branding Package includes two collateral items (and if you’d like more, there are options for that too).

  • Phase IV: Delivery

    • After everything is approved, I package it all up nicely, wrap it in a virtual bow and send it over to you with a brand guidelines PDF that outlines how to implement your brand so that you can launch seamlessly!

What is a brand mark?

  • A mark is a variation of your logo—it’s smaller and usually doesn’t have the whole business name spelled out. It’s useful if you want to make something your own, but a full logo would make it look too crowded.   

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